Oppo Something Is Happening I Do Not Understand

I may not understand this but I know several on here will.

The difference between these two is the setting I put on the OPPO 205. The usual is USB Audio In which gives me a black tv screen with simple file info. I don’t normally have tv on.

Then the first picture happens when I select Blu-Ray Player. I also am told by Roon to change my zone. When I do, I see a completely different screen. A photograph of the album, the track playing, the time.

The OPPO does have an ethernet connected.

This is what I don’t understand: the first photo mentions nothing about the Micro Rendu. The USB In comes from the MR. Is it somehow bypassing it? If it is somehow using the HDMI route to the sound output, I don’t understand how it can. There are only 2 RCA cables connecting the OPPO to the amp. The AVR is not on

I suppose you have the Oppo enabled in Roon as two different endpoints. One is connected by USB and one is connected by ethernet. I do the same with my Oppo 203 and have an HDMI connection as well as an ethernet connection. In my case, I can tell no difference in SQ except HDMI can do multi-channel. You would need to use your USB connection to do MQA. And yes, using ethernet, your TV screen will display information about what is playing.

My Oppo 203 defaults to the ethernet connection. If I want to use the HDMI connection, I have to use the Oppo remote to change the source to HDMI. I use ethernet most of the time.

EDIT: And they show up as two different zones in Roon, so I choose the one I want to use.