Oppo Sonica DAC

I have the Oppo Sonica DAC (audiocom signature edition) with a SBT as the Roon endpoint. Although I like the sound., I have three questions.

  1. Will Oppo ever support Roon ready
  2. Alternatives to the SBT
  3. Is the Yamaha NP-S2000 a device that supports Roon

Long term replacement for the Oppo would be one of the following Dacs
Aqua Hifi
PS Audio (roon ready)
Nadac Player (roon ready)


Any suggestions for a good replacement for the squeezebox?

Since Sonica has an Ethernet port + a DAC, there’s a possibility but you may want to contact the manufacturer of getting Sonica certified as Roon Ready device.

Have a look at RoPieee.