Oppo UDP 205 ready and tested ... why both?

Good morning. I use the OPPO UDP 205.

What does it mean when Roon writes “Roon Tested” AND “Roon Ready”?
So both for 1 unit.

Many thanks Alex

basically Roon ready means you can use over ethernet. Roon tested means it will be setup on USB and detected as an OPPO 205 and have the default best settings to use done for you and the right icon too most likely

Hello. Tks. But why both?

Basically, you can do either/or

So can use it over ethernet ( Roon Ready) meaning it will act as streamer and renderer or just as a USB dac ( Roon Tested) which would mean another streaming device would connect to it via USB.

Both different functions.

Some people might think they have a “better” streamer than the 205 so might want to use it just as the DAC part.

Many thanks for your explanation