Optical pci express card in server to Opticalrendu?


I have a tower i7 pc with Roon core in closet and usb thru wall to Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ In listening room.

What is the recommended upgrade prior to dac? I was thinking Opticalrendu but should I run ethernet to optical module to optical Rendu or just put an optical card in pc and run optical cable to Opticalrendu -> dac ?

I use the i7 pc & you card with hdmi thru wall for MC music and movies.

You would have to have a way to share the internet connection via the SFP card in the pc to see the OR…you don’t say what OS you are using

I have Windows 10

Currently gigabit switch with Ethernet to pc. Pc usb to mytek dac

I could just run ethernet from switch to optical module then fiber to oPtical Rendu and usb to dac.

Yes you could or use an EtherREGEN too

The opticalModule / opticalRendu combo would be great. Use a short Ethernet cable at the switch and run fiber the rest of the way.

Don’t know how much an optical card is, but I know how much an opticalModule is.

Here’s another alternative for the sending side that also gives you a Cisco quality switch, 24 ports (12 of which could potentially be PoE ports) and two SFP ports.

(the price goes up and down. I’ve seen it as low as $150)

I skin the cat another way.

A HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro (the Pro is galvanically isolated) Toslink into a Mutec 3 (whose clock is now in control) and onto my DAC using Coax.