Optical RIP from client?


Is there a way to get Roon to RIP CD’s from a optical drive connected to my Client (Win10)?

(I cannot add a USB optical to my server ESXi and then into VM unRAID)

Or do i have to signup for a new trail and rip them that way and then transfer to my server? (I don’t like this solution.)

Roon, per se, doesn’t rip CDs. ROCK or the Nucleus running Roon’s OS rips CDs.
If your WIN10 machine can use a USB optical, then dBpoweramp will rip.

Huh? Even if you could get a new trial, how would that help?

On Windows, the best tool to rip your CDs to FLAC is Exact Audio Copy (EAC). You don’t need to use Roon to do the rips.

What i meant was that in Roon you are now able to rip but you need to connect a optical drive to that server and i have no way of doing that so what i meant was that if i would install Roon Server on my Win10 and request a new trial to just rip the only last 10-20 disc i have and then move it back to my server. But i was just wondering if there is a easier way?

EAC and accrip would be one way but i would like to use the function within Roon if it was possible. (metadata and to make it easy)

Again, only ROCK or Roon’s Nucleus has the capability to rip CDs.

If you ever need to move Roon, then you don’t need a new trial. Roon Server or Core can be moved from one machine to another, although it can’t run on more than one machine at a time.

To move Roon to a new machine, do this -

  1. Backup up your current Roon library.
  2. Deauthorize your current Roon Core.
  3. Install and authorize a new Roon Core on the new machine.
  4. Restore your Roon library to that machine.

You don’t need a new trial or another license.

This is a non-issue. EAC will embed metadata in the FLAC during the rip (with automatic retrieval from Internet sources) and then Roon reads that when you place the files into your library storage location.