OpticalRendu operating temperature

I’ve had my OpticalRendu and OpticalModule for a few weeks now And I am absolutely amazed how good it all sounds. So happy.
Of course the difference is significant probably because I’ve gone from running Roon core and Brooklyn DAC on same Mac Mini, to moving the Mac Mini away and using it as a Roon headless server Streaming to an OpticalRendu.

However I am a little worried about the OpticalRendu operating temperature. I have got a nice linear power supply for it, set at 7v, but have recorded a temperature of OpticalRendu at 37°C.
I have read elsewhere that most people are saying their OpticalRendu doesn’t get warm at all.
Is 37°C an okay temperature?

Unfortunately my linear power supply doesn’t have a switch on it & Either does the plug socket, So if I want to switch it off and on I have the use the miniature circuit breaker in the consumer unit.

@Jesus_Rodriguez flagging to Jesus for you, just in case he didn’t see it

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I place a CPU heatsink on top of my microRendu and it makes it runs much cooler! Highly recommended.

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Seems okay to me. The temp will depend on the PS voltage, room conditions, adjacent gear, connected device, etc. You can reduce current draw in some cases by powering down the USB device when not in use.

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37 degrees doesn’t sound like an abnormally high temperature to me. It’s not unusual for digital circuits to run quite warm when they are working.
I would leave it switched on, as having it stabilised at a constant temperature might well be better for it than regular heating and cooling.

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Ok thanks everyone, nothing to worry about, I’ll carry on doing what it’s all for then and enjoy the music.
It’s all sounding sublime today :notes:

Although this is not an apple to apple comparison, my WiFi router regularly runs at 8x degree C in summer.