Optimal Roon Setup Using Qnap HS-251-2G, Mac Mini and HQ Player

Dear Greg,

Thanks for your quickly response.
I want to evaluate roon server soon as possible.
Maybe I will start with a default kernel of ubuntu server but I want to recompile my own kernel with minimum of services.

My set is a MacMini (unfortuanlly the 2012 version) and this NAS QNAP. Between my MacMini and the NAS I used the ethernet connection to communicate the both devices.

Now I switching my MAC OS system to a Windows 2012 server optimized and I just looking how I will use my system… one option is to run roon server at the NAS and HD Player on Mac. Another option is to run the Roon and HD Player on Mac and use the NAS as the music repository.

Did you have some recomendation regarding this architecture? I just in love looking the roon interface from some youtube videos.

Hi Issac,

I moved your post to a new thread.

I’m not a NAS or HQ Player guy, but there are lots of people that can help out.

I believe, however, that your NAS would be underpowered as your Roon Core, so you will probably want to go with your Mac Mini as the core and the NAS as your music repository.

Here’s info on Roon Server on a NAS.

Also, check out the Roon User Guide.

Cheers, Greg

What are the hardware specs for the Mac mini and what OS is it running?

Hi David.

I have the lastest model (2014 not 2012 that I said before). This is a Mac mini i5 with 8gb RAM and mSSD card… I installed 2012 server and prf lasso optimizer.

However I installed in my NAS QNAP a archlinux and I will recompile the kernel. This will be a minimalist experience just to analyze the performance… in the first disc I will use a 256 SSD and in the another slot 6TB of disc. I will store all my library… I dont care in take some time to generate the Roon Database (after the initial load with 4.8TB I believe that another albuns will be loaded on demand) .

I want to post a video with my considerations here.