Optimum set up for my system Krell DAC


Wanting to check with the experts on here that what I’m setting up is the best way for this system.
At the moment I’m running pair focal speakers connected to Music fidelity m3si amp, this is running in a square 60m2 family room.
Have just introduced a Krell vanguard DAC to get Roon going as this was offered at unbelievable price to me.
So current configuration is Krell connected to Ethernet and connected to m3si amp via high quality cables. Have the Roon core as my old Macbookpro 2012 model and using iPad mini as remote.
As I have the MacBook about 1metre from DAC am I best to hardwire to the DAC or is the Krell great at straight up stream from MacBook and is this the best way to run this particular system moving forward.
Thanks in advance for advice.

I’d be afraid to even turn it on! :smile:

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Seriously, I suspect you could use USB or WiFi or Ethernet, and have a good experience. I’d probably try USB first.

No WiFi?

Thanks Bill for reply.
Yes have great wifi signal going to system but was checking to see is this best to run core to dac or is it always best to hardwire etc.

If the Krell takes ethernet input I’d do the following:
Core to router via ethernet. Ethernet to Krell (via router or switch). You can put the Core anywhere.