Option for Discography view default

Suggestion/request to have option to make Discography default view when viewing artist pages. Or make last view sticky. It is where I go 100% of the time rather than the overview.


The nice thing is if roon has implemented proper user flow logging, they should have plenty of data showing them what percentage of users immediately go from overview to discography before playing something.

But definitely a +1 for me. The only reason I scroll down on the Overview page is because I forget to click on Discography. ; ) Though I think they could redo the overview page to satisfy more people but making the discography the default would be the easier answer.

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Yes, precisely my experience. I start scrolling and feel disoriented for a moment then scroll back up and go to discography.

This ++++++

This is music I own. I know the artist. I’m going to that artist to select an album I want to put on. Don’t get in the way of that.

I mean, I do like the information, just don’t make it be the default view. It adds up to too many clicks in a day.

This would be good option, then also allow ’show only library’ selection to be set as default (with setting).

I would prefer overview page without popular tracks and recommended albums but option to open discography first would be good.

We have two cases …
use only own library with known artists → need to see first discography
look at something new … fine, perhaps want first to read about the artist (50/50) and then decide to hear an album. When like it and want to hear another album → need to see the discog, not more the Artist bio.
At the end in 90% of the time i want to see the discog, not the bio.


Roon needs to improve customization.
Why they dont add color scheme support?
More views configuration?