Option for external display

I really appreciate the external display via chromecast. Unfortunately, after a few months of using it, it is often becoming annoying. Seeing the same photos over and over gets old. Many times photos are from a different time than the album playing. And the same photo is displayed regardless of which of an artist’s albums is being played.

When Roon doesn’t have access to a photo for a particular artist, it will display an enlarged and blurred image of the cover. My request is to make this display an option when selecting an external display. This way, we get the display with album and track info, album cover, progress bar, etc., but eliminate the risk of oversaturation from repeated artist photos.


I agree I love the idea of a display. I have actually purchased several monitors to dedicate to the display, as well as music visualizations.

I would love to see more functions built in. The same configuration options as now playing, so that we can choose album art over artist photo, on a display-by-display basis, so as to allow for display of both if you have two monitors. And ideally, if we put in a folder with the media that is titled “slideshow” or something like that, it would cycle through the images in the slideshow. And while we’re at it, we could use some form of filename convention to match an artist photo to the year of album release so that the preferred artist photo is synched to the era of the album.