Option for Roon to curate files or URLs only

In the beginning of Roon software‘s epic journey, Roon curated the files in your own library so that you could re-discover music you already owned.
People would ask, why do I need the software to help me find music in my own library? They only asked that question before they used Roon. :sunglasses:

Roon is by far the best front end for any music system. I cannot live without it.
I am super excited for Roon 1.8.

Roon allows other software such as HQplayer to be the engine for Roon. However, I understand that Roon unpacks the file and streams it to HQplayer.
This is done whether Roon core is on the same server as HQplayer, Or if Roon core is on a different computer and HQplayer is on your server.

I would like to have the option, if the file is on my local network, I would like Roon to present the file to HQplayer to play. The same if the music is streamed, Roon could present the URL to the server.

Ultimately, I would like to be able to choose the engine I use to play the file or URL (directly) and Roon just curates (hand over) the location to the player/engine I choose.

It should be simple to do.

This is my music in my local library or streamed from the streaming provider I pay for. All of the legal provisions would still be in place and would have to be upheld by each link in the chain.

I know that this would be a different business model then we currently have with Roon.

I would happily pay the same price I pay now to have the service for Roon just to be the front end and me to be able to choose my engine/player.

This different business model could even increase Roon’s market place share. Everyone would use it no matter which system they use.

Roon 1.8 Interface speaks of having a museum like format, where it presents your music options on a more neutral pallet. This seems to be right in line with that spirit🙂

Thank you for the wonderful software. It truly in riches my musical pleasure.


This sounds like a wonderful idea, hopefully it will be implemented soon.