Option to Disable Roon Radio Completely

Roon Radio is the least baked, worst feature of Roon. If we cannot natively use one of the far better radios from a connected service like Tidal, at least allow us to completely disable all mention and automatic play of Roon Radio.


If you start to play an album, scroll to the bottom of the Queue and untick the Roon Radio toggle. I’m sure if there’s a way to halt Roon Radio completely without doing that every time at the start of a listening session.

Roon Radio switch takes the whole line in the queue (you don’t need to scroll, it’s fixed), which is insane.


You have to turn Roon Radio off for each of your zones, but once it is turned off it doesn’t come back on.

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God yes please. I dispise auto play after an album is done and I really don’t see why this isn’t a system wide option.


Where do I turn Roon Radio off for a zone in 1.8? I thought I knew this but just put 1.8 on to a PC and now cannot find the switch to turn it off for this new zone. It certainly doesn’t seem to be an option any more in the Now Playing screen
Using forum search was surprisingly unhelpful and the Roon knowledge base (I think it was) still shows the 1.7 screens.
Thanks (it feels shameful for a long time user to be asking such a basic question).

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Cancel that. I found it. You have to click “End” a couple of times on the strip in now playing to hide upcoming before the switch becomes visible.
Seems another bit of poor design to add to the massive litany of 1.8 complaint I’m afraid.


I’ve spent a long time over several tries and I still can’t figure out how to turn off Roon Radio. It is annoying!

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Roon Radio can be turned on and off from the queue. Note that this is done separately for each zone.

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Toggling Roon Radio ON as the default (and leaving it that way for years), suggests that the developer of the Roon Radio idea must have their pleasure center stimulated each time a Roon Radio cums on!

Roon Radio has been my pet peeve since I wondered what the heck is that (I didn’t select THAT!), the first time Roon decided to shove me out of the driver’s seat and insert itself in (resistance-is-futile) Roon Radio fashion! As in: Ohh…ohh…look at me, I can do this! Ain’t I grand!?! :clap:

Ahhh…NO, it is NOT grand nor appreciated!! It is an arrogant assumption based on some individual’s narcissistic love of this feature. Otherwise, what is the point of defaulting the Radio to engaged…and then daring you to try to figure out:

  1. What Is Happening :astonished:` (when it blatantly kicks-in, taking the user out of the equation)
  2. How the Heck to Turn IT OFF!!! :thinking: :angry:
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Roon radio can be turned off globally in Settings/Play Actions but annoyingly this has to be done for each relevant subsection; Albums, tracks in Albums, Tracks in Playlists, Tracks and recordings, and Composers and Artists.

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