Option to edit ALL tracks before saving rather than one at a time?

This was possible with Sooloos and, IMHO, would be nice to be able to do in Roon. It enables a more global view of the album layout.
This issue has been brought into focus with me when ripping in the Warner reissue of the 7 CD set of the complete String Quartets of Beethoven performed by the Alan Berg Quartet and illustrates what a PIA classical reissues are.
By painfuil moving of tracks (using an iPad is faster) it was possible to have 5 of the albums recognised and identified by Roon but impossible with disks 3 and 5 in the reissue because both albums have 12 tracks instead of 11 which Roon and other sites list. Not the fault of Roon, it is because the reissdue is different from earlier ones in this regard.
So, the only way of having a display that made sense was to edit each track, Doing this track by track is a much more kaborius tak in Roon than it was in Sooloos - hence my request to see if having all tracks displayed to edit is a feasible option with Roon?.

John, yes, I think it’s possible. Just select the tracks you wish to edit in a group (right click on your chosen tracks), and then click the Edit button in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Does that do what you want?

Thanks Geoff. Not sure about that as it takes me to the same screen as Edit , Fix track grouping which is different is it not? But then maybe I’m not following the right path.