Option to show parametric EQ graph with standard lines rather than even-spaced

Currently roon shows the eq graph set up like this:

With the lines/indicators left to right evenly spaced. However just about every other graph showing frequency response, or EQ tools such as EQ-APO or sonarworks uses this format:

Is it possible to add the option for us to have the graph displayed in this manner? As it makes it quite hard to at-a-glance see if our filters are in the right place when the graph is displayed differently to…everything else :stuck_out_tongue:


A simple idea, but I like it, for me your suggested format would be a great improvement.

What exactly will change on the graph (besides the additional vertical lines)? All frequency doubles (octaves) are evenly spaced – even in your provided example, which is wrong btw. with the 15k instead of 16k.

Update: It resembles a classic 10-band GEQ

It’s a matter of preference and what somebody is used to look at for a more intuitive view. I like the idea to choose between optional views.



Its not a case of which is better or worse. Its just that some people (including myself) much prefer the format I linked, and it would be great to have the option of using that instead

Agree +1…

Sorry for the noise but for me, your start post just seemed to imply that Roon is doing something wrong in this place. I understand now that it is just about having an option to display another set of ticks.