Option to tell radio to play only from local library

I would like an option to force Radio to only choose local tracks.
I like radio very much, and sometimes let it run for hours, but my connection to Tidal is often very poor quality, so when Radio chooses a Tidal track, all of a sudden the music stops while it is trying to start a stream, which can sometimes take between 5 to 45 seconds, and sometimes not at all.

A simple switch to force radio to play only local library conten would be very simple to implement, and would solve this problem.

I did notice that there are really no Controls for Radio, so maybe time to start a section.

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Would it be better to solve this problem? Is the issue just TIDAL or is your entire Internet experience poor?

Currently radio only plays from your local library. While this is not cast in stone and could change in the future it’s not something that should be causing issues for anyone at this point in time.

That’s not true. Any Tidal tracks that have been added to the library will be included in Radio play.

Ah ok when you look at it that way, I was thinking when playing from tidal not what’s in your library.

Yes Larry_Post is correct.

Radio will play half a dozen or so tracks from my library, and then choose a Tidal track.

Would be great just to have a simple switch, to force library only tracks.

I am in Thailand. I have 3 different internet connections.

1 Fibre 50/20
1 Coaxial 20/10
1 DSL 12/5

I bind them with a Peplink 30

For most applications it load balances and works very well.

Streaming from Apple or Spotify works quite seamlessly, but Tidal is always problematic.

I have tried many configurations over the past 4 months, different DNS, dedicating the link to a single circuit Etc., but nothing makes it work anywhere close to 100%, so I can only assume that it is Tidal.

As it’s the only streaming service with Lossless, and Roon compatibility, I just live with it, until something better comes along. Fortunately I do have a rather large library of FLAC & DSD music, but radio still goes to Tidal tracks sometimes, and interrupts a good listening session.

With those connection speeds you should be fine. Do you have the same issue with the TIDAL app? Maybe switch from TIDAL Hi-Fi to TIDAL Premium if you can’t reliably stream lossless?

The whole point of using Tidal in the fist place was for the High Quality & MQA Masters Etc.

I just acquired a second apartment in a totally different area, close to the center of the city, and I am going to do some experiments there (using a different internet provider) and see what the results are.

But I have tried about everything to get Tidal to work correctly. It is OK once the stream starts, so it is some kind of Request/latencly problem that is the issue, in fact if I start an album, it generally plays through most of it without an issue, but If I randomly cue songs from different artists, I just can’t get it to play continuously.

It always hangs with that graphic sliding back and forth while it tries to acquire the stream, and sometimes up to a minute or more.

I can appreciate the network issues in Bangkok as I travel there very often.

If you go to Settings > Services, and click on Edit, next to Tidal, you can disable the Tidal service. It’s very easy to re-enable it from here as well, no re-login is required.

Now all Roon can see is your locally stored content and Radio should just pick music from that.

That would work as a workaround. But, I don’t want to have to enable/disable my Tidal account over and over. So, a plus 1 for me on this feature request.

Sorry to bring up an old thread but this has gotten much worse. To the point my library is ignored. It’s playing Supertramp - The logical Song 16/44 off Tidal while I have 24/192 album rip and DSD 64 rip in my Library this goes on constantly having to disable something for functionality 2 years later??? This is so bad that my 3100 albums are ignored all day long…frustrating.
Hopping for a simple switch for only local library including Tidal music I have downloaded for Roon Radio.

Stay safe

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I just go to “Overview”, select “Tracks” then click on “Shuffle”. That limits it to my local tracks.

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HI Jerry,

Have you tried the Limit Roon Radio to Local LIbrary switch? Its under the 3 dot menu on the Q page.

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Perfect thanks @Rugby

If you have Tidal you need to look in bottom right corner for Queue next to your playback device, once you click on that look for three dots in upper right corner then slide Limit Roon Radio to Library