Option to use bios and album reviews from Qobuz

I’m very happy that Qobuz is finally available through roon! This is something I’ve been waiting for since the very beginning. So this really is amazing news.

After having helped translating roon to Dutch seeing artist bios and album reviews still in English is something I’d love to see translated as well. This data is an area where Qobuz really is ahead of roon so a deeper integration would be welcome.

I’d love to see Dutch reviews in roon. I’m sure French, German,… members also prefer to have local reviews where available.

just an example:

in roon

in Qobuz

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+1 @brian is challenge here technical or contractual ?

Little from column A, little from column B. The easier technical approach would likely fall afoul of what we are allowed to do with Qobuz’s data. The harder technical approach is harder. I don’t think this makes much sense as a monkey-patch-job for Qobuz only. If we had a good broad source for localized reviews that we could use in all contexts, that might be interesting.

I’m based in the Netherlands, and the Qobuz app shows me stuff in Dutch where it can (not all material will be in Dutch). However, I have set my language locale in my PC environment to be British English, by preference (it’s my native tongue, and still better than my bad Dutch).

It seems evident therefore that the Qobuz app looks at geography rather than the user preference, and misses delivering what the user might actually want. Whilst the wish is worthy, and supported, I’m just using the practical example of the Qobuz app as an illustration that things are not always as easy to achieve as they might appear… There’s many a slip 'twixt cup and lip.