Option to use file tags for album rating


It would be cool if an option was present to use ratings from file tags to rate albums.

All my files include a [Rating] tag which is an integer from 1 to 5.

For me, all the files (or tracks) from a given album have the same rating. In this simple case, the album rating shown in Roon would be equal to the value of the [Rating] tag from any track of this album.

I guess some people could have different tracks rating for the same album. In this case, the album rating could be computed from the average value of the [Rating] tag from all the tracks of the album.

Thanks !

as we only support rating per album, and not per song, how would you like to map rating from multiple files to an album?

Hi Danny,

As mentionned above, Album rating could be an average of the ratings of individual tracks.

Something like [Album rating] = sum([Ratings]) / [# of tracks in album] ?

I don’t know if it is possible within the Roon architecture.