Track and Album ratings - and conflicts

So why can we “heart” a song when it’s playing, or when it’s being displayed in it’s album-listing page ?

If I’ve rated an album as 3*, then it’s ok / mediocre, but that might mean there are a couple of 2* tracks and an all-time-classic 5* track.

Every single track needs its own rating. And every album too. This, for me - and reading comments from many others - is fundamental.

We should now be talking about questions like this : I’ve pointed Roon at four (or more - insert appropriate number) different directories on various networked storage devices and I have 20 different users (and therefore profiles) in my household - how does Roon cope with contradicting ratings per user & multiple (differing) embedded ratings due to duplicate files ?

because we added favorite/ban at many object types (artists, album, tracks, composers, works), and rating only at the album level. it would be possible to add rating at a track level, but i wouldnt want to average them to show the rating on the album. some of my favorite 5 star albums have 1 star songs on them.

we’ve resolved this by not reading rating from tags, and each profile can override the base rating. we don’t allow editing of the base rating at all, just a per-profile override.

I understand your point. At the same time, I’ve put a lot of work to properly tag my files over the years. Since I have over 10 000 albums in my collection, the idea of assigning new ratings via Roon is not appealing to me. I guess I should’ve used both [Rating] and [Album Rating] in my tags. This way, Roon could simply use [Album Rating].

Personally, I don’t use track ratings so in my case the [Rating] tag could easily be mapped to Album Rating in Roon. But I understand that it makes sense for a lot of people to differentiate track ratings and album ratings.

I think it’s time to re-awaken this topic again - everything’s been quiet for a long time & there have been many other changes / wishes implemented since it was first raised.

If I can’t have track ratings in Roon, how can I used my FLAC tags to create a smart playlist of 5* or 4* or 3* (etc) Electronica / Rock / HillBilly / Chamber (etc) music ?
I can’t see how to use Focus / Filter / Tags / Bookmarks to achieve this…

+1 for track rating and track rating import from file metadata.
Basically I’d prefer star-rating on every object (track, album, artist, etc.)
Banning is important, however. :slight_smile:
I agree with Dulai, that album ratings should not “average” track ratings. The other way round, track rationgs could “inherit” album ratings as defaults.

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The blocker really seems to be editorial ratings (Currently at the album level), and the implications (Averaging etc) to track ratings.

This is easily resolved.

Similar to (Genre) Tags. Have separate “User” ratings and “editorial” ratings. Show both separately with different colors. User ratings apply at both track and album levels, and are fully user driven. No Automatic averaging up to the album or down to the track level. No automatic defaulting etc. Nothing. This should be similar to heart:/favorites. Unless the user sets it, it remains empty.

Editorial ratings (At the Album level) are great, and continues to function as is. If the user marks a (editorial) 5** album as 1*. Great! Show both, don’t overlay.

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