iTunes Star Ratings

Can Roon import the iTunes Star ratings? I make heavy use of iTunes Star ratings and I would like those ratings to be imported into Roon. I am evaluating Roon and I have not been able to accomplish this or at least it is not obvious if it is supported. It actually appears as though I have to re-rate all my tracks/albums that I import from iTunes into Roon. Given the time and effort I spent rating my music (over the years) that could be a deal breaker for me. Thanks.


Hey James,

Right now, albums are rated 1-5 stars in Room, but rating of tracks is just done using the Favorite feature (meaning it can Favorite, or Ban, or neither).

We’ve heard feedback and requests for this in the past, but we haven’t made any commitments about whether Roon might include more granular track ratings in the future.

For now, I think you should able to set up a few playlists in iTunes for 1 star tracks, 2 star tracks, and so on. This should only take a few minutes, and then Roon can import all your previous ratings using our iTunes integration.

If you’re going to continue rating tracks in Roon, you might also considering using our Tags feature. Once you tag all the tracks in your 5 star playlist, you can easily browse them in the tracks browser. You could also focus on the tag in the Albums browser to find “Albums which contain 5 star tracks” or the Artist browser to find “Artists that have 5 star tracks”.

All of the above should just take a couple of minutes to get setup in Roon, so let us know if you have any questions or need more detailed instructions. Thanks!

There’s this thread - Track and Album ratings - and conflicts

And this one - Hotkey to heart a song :)

And this one - Custom track ratings

Just search for ‘track ratings’ and you’ll find plenty of people asking for significant work / improvement to be put into this area.

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I agree with James_Dean completely I have 89,000 songs in my iTunes/Roon database and using any of the suggested workarounds is still an extremely time consuming task. Please give serious consideration to importing the iTunes star ratings. Thanks

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More then four years on I am faced with the same issue. Has really nothing been done about this? Can’t even find a hint of a response from Roon product development anywhere here. Great disappintment on my side