Custom track ratings

I’m glad to see custom album ratings in the latest update. Migrating to Roon from iTunes/Audirvana, I tend to rate individual tracks and let iTunes determine the album rating as more or less the average of my track ratings. I’d like to see this in Roon as well. Great job with the update, I have a feeling I’m going to be asking about converting my one-year subscription to a lifetime sub!


Yes, fully agree on this please add track rating!


This thread has been rather quiet for a long time! Are there any plans to include individual track ratings? Is anyone else interested in this feature?


Didn’t mention it in my original post, but I also use individual track ratings to create smart playlists in iTunes and this would allow similar focus/bookmark-type playlists in Roon.


I thought I would give this thread a “bump” as it is getting little interest and zero replies from those “in the know”.

A simple question, are there any plans (either long term or short term) to add an individual track rating feature too Roon?


Individual track ratings in addition to album ratings would be great, as would divorcing a user’s album rating from that of the metadata provider. Of course, all of these elements need to be exposed for focus and smart playlist purposes.

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individual tracks ratings and smart playlist please! :slight_smile:
(they’re already in my files, btw :wink: )

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Is this not a pretty big deal? Frankly, I almost didn’t buy Roon because this feature was missing. I build Playlists based on track ratings (I never use Album ratings). I’m a jazz guy and I built extensive Playlists in iTunes (played vis Pure Music) based on custom genres and track ratings. Man, do I miss being able to do that and I’m sure many others do as well. COULD SOMEONE FROM ROON LET US KNOW THE PLANS FOR TRACK RATINGS, PLEASE? Thanks much. Is there any way we’ll be able to import our track ratings from iTunes after-the-fact? Sure would save a huge job of re-rating all those tracks. THANKS FOR LISTENING! Love Roon/Tidal otherwise.


I have tags for 1-star, 2-star,…5-star. I use Roon’s Focus Search feature in Track View to create custom Bookmarks that function as smart playlists. I include/exclude the various “star” tags, other tag and file properties criteria, and Most Played and Played In The Last criteria, to duplicate the iTunes Smart Playlist functions.

I do use the star tags for now, but I find I am leaning towards Roon’s 3-level rating system: Favorite, Unrated, Banned. That’s because I find myself excluding both 1- and 2-star tracks, and creating “Good Stuff” playlists that include both 4- and 5-star tracks.

EDIT: Here’s a visual example that may help. It’s my “Radio Station” smart playlist. The “Bad Stuff” tag groups my 1- and 2-star tagged tracks:

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To do a lot of the heavy lifting for ratings between Roon and iTunes, create Smart Playlists in iTunes that have whatever combination of star ratings you want. Roon will see those. Open the playlist in Roon, select all the tracks and then give them all whatever Roon tag is appropriate. It worked like a champ for me.


Jeff: thanks so much. I think you’ve provided enough here for me to move forward. I’m not sure how Roon “sees” my iTunes playlists but I have a techy son who can probably figure it out! Again, thanks for taking the time to help me. Very appreciated.

Hopefully this will help even more:

Now Roon 1.3 is alive and well, I though I would resurrect an old feature request, individual track ratings.

Is this something that is ever likely to be considered? Or is it a case that individual track ratings do not fit with the ‘Roon philosophy’?

I am aware that Tags can be used for a kind of pseudo track rating function, but for me this is a very long way from being the same thing. I know at one time the implementation of track ratings was put in the ‘not trivial’ category, but to be fair, a lot of the 1.3 improvements (good job, by the way!) were a long way from trivial.

So, individual track ratings? Are they ever likely to feature?


I love my smart playlists, and personally I don’t have a problem grooming my collection and creating them in JRiver or iTunes as suggested above but it would be nice if they could evolve organically as a result of the actual listening I do vs sitting down in the office with Jriver, my spreadsheet and my calculator.


lorin - Yes, I think maybe we have a similar approach. I too use iTunes a lot, and welcome the integration between iTunes and Roon. I am a Windows user, and if I compare iTunes / wasapi to Roon with respect to sound quality, Roon wins. So if for no other reason than sound quality, Roon has it’s place if you are struggling to break away from the iTunes offering of track ratings etc. There are a host of other reasons why Roon is nice too, of course. The trouble is, more often than not, I do find myself simply using iTunes. OK, if I am sitting down to some serious listening, it will be Roon, but if I’ve bought some new music or if I am going through the small percentage of my music library that is not track rated, I will simply do this in iTunes. For these reasons, I have been using iTunes far more often than Roon recently, which I guess means I never get fully into Roon, which then means maybe I love it less, I’m not sure. Sometimes I wonder if JRiver might be my perfect home. I think my Roon sub runs out mid April, I might have a break from Roon then and try something else. But I suspect I might drift back to Roon before long, absence makes the heart grow fonder…

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I think I have to give my own posts a kind of ‘reverse bump’. Zero response from the devs, but more significantly, not much response at all! So I have to assume that there is generally very little interest in track ratings. Maybe one or wo folk are keen on it, but for the majority it is of no interest. A shame in my view, but it is what it is, and if there is no interest, who I am to suggest track ratings need to be included.

I’ll just have to hone my track ratings via tags approach :wink:

I totally agree with you. I once used iTunes, then changed to MediaMonkey, and for a long time now I’ve been very happy with JRiver, which is the most advanced media center and playback software IMO. Unfortunately I bought the Roon lifetime licence, but I am very disappointed about the missing track rating, smartlist and limited shuffle playback capabilities. It seems I will use Roon with TIDAL to discover new music, but never to maintain my own music collection …


Don’t give up !

I see (personal) Track Ratings as fundamental to the enjoyment & management of my music collection.

This is so important that it simply can’t be ignored.


Could you explain what it is that personal track ratings would give you that favoriting or tagging favourite tracks wouldn’t?

if, as it is now for albums, I could assign each track an 1/2 to 5 stars rating… :wink:
actually, though, this alone wouldn’t help much: also need smart playlist with tracks rating as criterion :slight_smile: