Options for controlling/interacting with Roon

I’m running Roon headless and controlling via Roon on an Android tablet. My desktop PC/OS is Arch Linux. It strikes me that other than using the tablet app there’s no means of controlling Roon.

I’ve installed Roon and Roon server/ headless on a Win PC, started headless server, set it up via my Android tablet and then started the Desktop app - Roon desktop presents a screen asking me to choose my library and in doing so elect between using this PC to manage my music library or using this PC as a remote control. Does this imply that on the same PC Roon desktop and Roon headless server are mutually exclusive?

It’d be very useful to be able to have Roon and Roon server running on the same PC (whether it’s running on Windows, MAC or Linux so users can direct Roon playback from their (Windows, MAC or Linux) desktop rather than having to use a tablet when sitting at a desk.

If it’s like the OSX version you should choose “Use PC as a Remote Control” and you’ll be shown the RoonServer running in the background as an option. Pick that.

Daniel (@Rugby) has successfully run Roon and RoonServer on the same machine. Main thing is to avoid two databases being in play at the same time. I think you can choose to run Roon as a Remote even though it is presented as an alternative to “using this PC”.

Thanks, I followed @dpstjp’s suggestion and it seems they coexist nicely with the Roon desktop app just serving as a front-end to Roon server. Hope there’s a Roon desktop app in the works for Linux too.

I think Linux desktop is intended, but Linux RoonServer will precede it.

RoonServer should definitely enjoy priority over the desktop app. All good things in time.