Options for simple remotes

Hi. Is there any good options for small and simple quick access remotes? I have grown a small irritation over having to find one of my iPhone, Pad or laptop, wake it up, log in etc everytime the phone rings or someone is at the door. Small stuff with wifi, always on, pause and volume adjust would do. A tiny arduino project maybe?

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Ropieee can do this with a Pi. The remotes I know that work are Flirc and OSMC. I don’t think a screen needs to be fitted but it may be worth checking. I’ll do tests and report back.

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OK, I have an OSMC remote but can’t find the USB stub! I have ordered the Flirc device which is a stub only and can be programmed to work with any infra red remote. I should get that tomorrow.

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I like the OSMC as its not IR dependant this can work without line of sight. I got mine on IQAudIO site in UK but I think other places will have like amazon or ebay.

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Getting it direct from OSMC is cheapest I think, in the U.K. at least.
The Flirc was the same number in pounds as it was in dollars from Amazon. But no taxes, delivery and it comes tomorrow.

I just noticed that both of my Bluesound Node 2i plays/pauses and adjusts volume for both devices when grouped in Roon. I reckon that is part of the ”roon ready” certification, that they should act that way. Thats the only two bridges I have atm so I dont know if they would control a Ropieee as well, but its not unlikely. Maybe someone else know?

I just hadnt tried before, mostly since their locations is not where I usually am when I need to paus or so.

Having tried the Flirc (with an Apple remote) I think OSMC is the easiest way to go. It just works. No setting up, no line of site issues. And you can tell Ropieee which device you want it to control. The only thing I haven’t checked is if it works without a screen. Both mine have screens.

Flirc Remote works great. I have it plugged into my MacMini (which is both the Core and Output) via a USB extension cable so it faces the room. I use it with a Chunghop L102 learning remote (10 bucks on amazon). I use the remote to send play/pause/next track/prev track commands to Roon via Flirc. I also use the remote to send the following controls to my audio system: power on/off, volume^v, mute, input ^v, display on/off. Very minimalist and useful control system.

Flirc works without a screen. On my headless MacMini, all that is required is that Roon be the active application.

The screen thing was specific to Ropieee on a Raspberry Pi. :slightly_smiling_face: