OPUS and WEBM format support


I have a lot of webm/opus files, since a lot of music is sadly only available on YouTube (and YouTube uses opus/webm).
Roon doesn’t allow me to play those files.

Could you add support for those file types?

Hi @Alessio_Gravili1 ,
I suspect it’s very unlikely to happen, have you considered transcoding them to a format that Roon supports?

Hey Carl,
I did, but doing that would unnecessarily increase the file size by a lot, make it impossible to transcode it back without quality loss and give the fake impression of a higher quality file.

Why do you think it’s unlikely to happen?

As it lossy, you might consider transcoding to another lossy format (this would save diskspace and not give the false impression the source was lossless).

Alternatively, the version field or the folder name [version] could be used to indicated the orignal format type.

I appreciate these may not not be ideal and are just workarounds.

Those formats are not main stream for audio, so I suspect the demand from Roon customers would be very low and hence Roon would direct development effort to other areas of Roon.

Historically similar requests for other formats such as APE have not been implemented.

Never say never, and I don’t speak for Roon but that’s my take on it.

Transcoding to another lossy format would lead to quality loss, which I don’t want to do. The only workaround for me would then be the [version] tag. Sadly, not very optimal for disk space :frowning:

I’d understand not implementing the APE format, since there are barely any disadvantages converting those to other lossless formats such as FLAC. For WEBM/OPUS, that wouldn’t be an optimal solution, though.

Do the feature suggestions here get considered by the Roon development team, or is there another feature suggestion portal where people may be able to vote on them?

They are all read, however, the Roon team rarely comment. This is only place to lodge such requests.