Orchestras and Conductors


I see many classical recordings in my library where the Conductor and Orchestra is shown as a “secondary Artist”. Most of my orchestral works have these tags populated and I would be surprised if that were not the case for most classical collectors.

Is there any chance that these 2 tags can be separated out and shown on the main album screen?

A hyperlink that shows all “Karajan Conducting” or “Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra” would be great.

I know that some of this is already displayed but as an improvement , a discreet Tag would be much better



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Classical metadata is the wild west. 80% of my library is orchestral music and it’s a never ending journey of frustration.

That’s why I Tag in JRiver, I can get most things straight manually but the next step is for Roon to display those tags where possible hence the request


I rip with XLD and I like the choices for metadata it offers when matching to the databases. I also tag in a lightweight app called “Tag” but I often have to do a manual “Identify” in Roon.

I need to give JRiver a look.

There a 30 day trial, and its only $50

I still use for all my video