Order in which album series are listed after a search

I have quite a few series of various artist albums, for example Acoustic Chill vol 1-6. If I do a search on Acoustic Chill, I noticed the list of albums is not listed in order starting from Vol.1 to 6. Instead the list is shown in this order:

Acoustic Chill, Vol. 4
Acoustic Chill, Vol. 1
Acoustic Chill, Vol. 6
Acoustic Chill, Vol. 3
Acoustic Chill, Vol. 2

I noticed this same behavior with other series of albums I have. Does anyone know what the logic is when displaying these types of albums and why Roon wont display it in order?

If you write out the numbers, you’ll see it’s alphabetic. Why? I have no idea.

Ahhhh…just noticed that Four, One, Six, Three, Two. However, that makes zero sense to me.