Order of albums in TIDAL My Collection/Albums within Roon

I essentially use Tidal as a way of auditioning music. It would be immensely helpful to me if it was possible to order the albums I add to Tidal My Collection/albums in the reverse order they were added - i.e. most recent first - rather than alphabetically. I can do that within Tidal, and I guess I could use Tidal Connect to drive my DACfrom within Tidal (though I haven’t tried that yet). Any chance it could be an option when you access Tidal from within Roon?

Hi Graham, at present, I don’t think that it’s possible to sort your “Favourite albums” in the TIDAL section of the Roon app, but you can do it very easily in the Albums browser.

And you can set this specific Focus up as a bookmark for easy access.

Another way might be just go to the Home screen, then click on “Recent activity”, “Added” and then “More”:

Just be aware, that shows only the last 100 albums you have added (fixed sort order is most recent added on top). If you want to see all TIDAL albums or have another sort order you have to go Joel’s way.