Order on installation of SSD and Firmware update

My US made Nucleus + arrived this morning. In reading the instructions on the web site, installation of the internal SSD is after the firmware update in the sequence. Is it necessary to do the firmware update BEFORE installing the SSD, or can I install the SSD and put the Nucleus + in the system from the get go then do the update and transfer my music?

The reason for the “update first” advice is in case you picked up a unit that has bugs that were fixed since it last took an update.

Up to you…

@danny - thank you. I went ahead an installed the drive. Things are going along pretty well. I am copying files from my Mac to the internal drive and things are moving along pretty well at an average of about 140 - 155 MB/sec.

I have noted some differences between the instructions and the Rev B, Nucleus Plus, and a problem for the copy of files to the internal drive, but I will detail those later and post them on the support page unless someone suggests a better place.

So far so good. BTW it is a beautiful piece of hardware. Nicely done.