Ordered a Nucleus today

I have used a Mac Mini for a while, but trouble has started with my pre/pro and HDMI handshake issues.

I understand the HDMI output on the Nucleus will allow 5.1. While I will miss the on screen video on my 55" Sony, if this unit works as advertised, the iPad control will be fine.

Any advice on setup, etc? Is it as easy as the marketing guys make it sound?

Looking forward to receiving it later in the week.

Hey Mike,

Congrats on your purchase!

Setting up a Nucleus is quite easy indeed – you may want to refer to the online Nucleus user manual for any questions you may have.

Be sure not to skip step 2 of the setup procedure outlined there and update the OS before doing anything else.

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Enjoy that Nucleus.

Have you considered using a Chromecast device as a Display on that 55” Sony?

I have heard that might work; can you point me to directions? I will be controlling with iPad.

Ah, looks like you did! Thanks.

Happy to help!