Organised Folder Query

I’d like to distinguish between folders Roon has found and sorted. e.g. filenames, meta, folder structure.

I’m not clear on what changes Roon does make.

What i’d like to achieve once Roon has found and sorted as much as it can from my music directory. I can distinguish between what it hasn’t managed to find/match.

So far the only way I can see is to simply point Roon to the music folder. Do a full rescan, and sorted by modified to identify albums that have had changes.

Anyone think of a better way. Ideally I’d to point to a source folder, then have the organised folder ‘target’ folder elsewhere. That way I can be clear on what album have gone through tagging, sorting.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m sure someone else will be along shortly to give you better answers, but from my understanding of what you are asking, the following thoughts occurred to me:

  • You mention “Organised Folders”. If you mean should you set up the “Organised Folder” feature in Roon, then my advice would be: don’t. This “feature” is not recommended these days, even by Roonies. Stick to “Watched Folders”.

  • Roon makes NO changes to the contents of your Watched Folders whatsoever; neither adding extra metadata files, nor changing the metadata contained in your audio files.

  • If you want to find out which albums in your collection have been successfully identified by Roon, then you can use the Focus feature of Roon to show only those albums that have been identified (look under the Inspector section of Focus). If you want the converse, click the green “Identified” button, and it changes to red, indicating “not identified”.

  • If Roon can’t make a match for an album, then it will class it as “unidentified”, and use the metadata from the source files in the watched folder.


Thanks Geoff,

Very good information - thanks. I’ve previously used musicbrainz picard for tagging and sorting to a logical file structure. I’ll download it and work on a new config - I used to have be quite obsessed about getting it perfect, including distinguishing between releases.

A typical album would be: “Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See (1993) [FLAC] {1993; Capitol Records; CDP 0777 7 98253 2 5}”

In a flat structure.

I’m going to simplify things, and have musicbrainz do all perfect matches in one hit, I can then go through the rest and point it to the correct album, and where possible, the correct release.