Organised Folders

Is there any such thing now? Is anything planned?

Roon doesn’t touch or modify your files, unless you specifically tell Roon to permanently delete the media from your hard drive.

If you want Roon to organize your files on disk, you can import your collection and export a copy. The exported copy will be organized into folders that match the metadata in Roon as closely as possible, but note that it will not include additional media stored adjacent to your media (such as PDF files, ripping logs, or secondary artwork).

Thanks for that. So does that mean I’ll get a complete copy of my 2TB of data somewhere else? Are the file tags updated as well, fix all my crappy spelling etc? Are there any plans to allow tag updates? Any plans to allow Roon to organise the library and have a watched folder that is just a temporary directory for ‘to file’ media, like iTunes does?

Just to explain, I also run squeezebox server and making changes twice is not my idea of fun, I’d like one organised library.