Organize Albums / Artist by own Genre (Subfolder) + compare to Lightning DS

Hi - so I`m new to world of streaming and have been a strong Vinyl collector so far.

I am now at a point where I subscribed to Tidal HiFi, got an Auralic Aries Femto and installed/subscribed to both, Lightning DS and Roon.

I`m still trying to figure out if Roon is worth the extra bucks on the long run. Lightning DS works fine and sounds really good. I have not found any differences in SQ when comparing the two (as others have suggested LDS might even sound better - I found not).

But what exactly is it that makes Roon worth the extra invest (I am very tempted, but mainly because it looks fantastic).

Now one thing that annoys me with LDS - and I am hoping Roon may give this possibility - is that I can`t arrange/catalog my music as I want with LDS.

I have my physical media sorted by Genre, then Artis and Album. In LDS I can only arrange My Music or My Albums when using Tidal - also I can arrange Playlists and name them as I wish, but thats only 4 individual Songs (which can not even be rearranged). Also in a Playlist when you throw in an entire Album you never get the display of the Album but always a List of the entire Songs on the Album.

Say I would like to make a Subfolder in “My Library” via Roon called Punk/Hardcore - and the throw in Artists and Albums and a second one Singer/Songwriter - ad throw in Albums etc… and the Rock/Pop etc…

Is that possible and if so, how? I have not found any information on this when searching threw the internet and Roon page.

Also I´d be interested in other peoples findings when comparing Roon to LDS.

Alls the best

The way Roon works (and is intentionally made this way) is that folders are not important. This has divided many in the Roon community as some would prefer to have this option.
Tags and metadata (both your own and Roons data base) are the way you sort out your music. This can mean a bit of work in getting everything as you would like it but once done it makes using Roon very simple and intuitive.

Have a look in the knowledge base for Tags and Bookmarks

They give a Fixed And Dynamic in that order way of structuring how Roon looks

Quote let the software do the work !!