Organizing Bookmarks

I love bookmarks, they span three screen on my system.
But they could get organized a bit better.
They do not sort alphabetically. Hence, a new bookmark ends at the bottom and has to be dragged into the correct order. One could call this a feature, but it makes organizing a bit a problem. It seems to me, that a restore of a backup on another PC does not restore the bookmark order precisely.
And then there could be a folder structure. So I could organize bookmarks better. A folder „Jazz-Vocal“ would give all my favorite singers a nice place to rest.

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I fully support your ideas, but PLEASE do not use the word ‘’.
Some people in Roon are quite allergic to that.


I second that for the alphabetical order and even throw the number in there as well. Just some easy tools to get organized and simplify thing.
The Tag are in alphabetical and number order…playlist the same, so why not the Bookmark, oh please please please.
For the other suggestion, I will not call it folders and sub folders. Like it seems, I’m not supposed to say Voldemort, just kidding a bit.That type of sub layer classification would be efficient I think, plus Bookmark system is automatically updated.

For me Genres in Roon is not my cup of tea so I use bookmarks instead. I’ve selected all the main genre that I like, let’s take for example Jazz \ Chanteuse & Chanteur ( Vocal ). All my Jazz \ Chanteuse & Chanteur album that I love, I’ve edit them in album modification, in the Genres I’ve put Jazz \ Chanteuse & Chanteur and this way of spelling with the ( \ ) it doesn’t get mix up with all the other genre that Where there before. That’s important so when I go in to the focus view I can select Jazz \ Chanteuse & Chanteur in Genres and then create a Bookmark. So every time I have a new album that I edit the Genres to Jazz \ Chanteuse & Chanteur it update automatically in my Bookmarks.
My Genres system consist of a classification base on the main vibe of the album, what’s is played in general. So in Jazz I have
Jazz \ Jazz that’s where I put everything that doesn’t fit in the others so I can stay with only a few Jazz genres ( my favourite ) and not 27…
Jazz \ vocal
Jazz \ World
Jazz \ Latin & Bossa
Jazz \ Free
Jazz \ Rock
You can heaven create a combo like: Jazz \ world \ French so when ever you search in general for in a Jazz or World or French album this album will appear but when yo search in specific for all the Jazz \ World \ French album it’s easy to find and if you like this type of music a lot than you create a Bookmark for it.

For sure, using this method it would help a lot to have the alphabetical order.

Another inconsistency, adding some bookmarks on my IPad mixed up everything, now on my main desk all my Bookmarks that I redid are not in the same order anymore. I just don’t get it…
It’s not a big problem when you have under 20 bookmarks but you can imagine after couples years of used and putting more and more bookmarks, well it’s gets uglier for sure.
So again…why?
Is it the kind of demand I can do a ticket to support team?

I agree. Having the option to alphabetize bookmarks would be a nice time saver. Thanks!