Organizing music files on my NAS


I have read a few posts regarding organizing music files inside Roon but all solutions are either too complicated or imply a lot of manual work when you have something like 12 000 files like I have on my Synology NAS. Why is it not possible to access file directories like I do in JRiver? Using “Library” just gives me all the nice but not that useful art covers with no meaningful information about where the file is and/or file format. Why can’t I have immediate and clear indications like DSD, 24/96 and some others? And everything gets even more confusing when I access Tidal because there are of course repetitions between what I have on my NAS and what is on Tidal. Any clues you can give me will be sincerely appreciated.

Have you tried to enable ‘Show album format on browser’ in Settings|General?
Does it not do what you want?

Because Roon isn’t designed that way.

At least I myself am using Roon to play music. For that purpose, I never felt the need to know where the file is located. If you want to search for tracks by location, you can follow this guide.

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Thanks for the concise answers. I was using already the “Show Album format on browser feature” but was expecting that it could be possible to have more info. Anyway, problem solved.

Also your tip regarding the guide on how to have tracks/albums by location works swiftly, thanks for that.

Many thanks for your precious help