Organizing my classical library

When I want to listen to a classical recording, I usually want to look under composer, then find a particular album. There are work arounds for doing this on Roon, but here’s the method I find works most simply:

Under Library, click on Albums.

Click on Focus > Composers.

Search for and select the composer you have in mind. All albums containing works by that composer should come up (if they’ve been tagged correctly).

Select all the albums by right clicking on them (If there are a lot, right click the first and last albums on the list while holding the shift key to select all).

Click Edit (drop down menu next to “Play Now” button).

Click Edit Albums, then the Add button next to “Primary Artist Links”. Enter the name of the composer, then click Save.

You will now be able to find all albums including works by that composer simply by searching thru the Artist page for the composers name.

A downside to this is that the composer may now be listed as a performer on some albums. I can live with this, but some may not be able to.

Just thought I’d share that. Hope it’s not too obvious,