Original LS50W vs Mk II

From people who have owned (or heard) both how much better already version II?

I have a pair of the original versions and theywork fine and I’m quite happy with the app and the way it runs Roon so I’m really talking about sound quality and reliability.



John I also own the original first generation of these speakers. I love them. I am troubled by the fact that the Mk II do not have a USB input so I never considered upgrading. That was the deal breaker for me. I’d love to hear from people that have heard both to see how they compare but I use mine with a microRendu. I would not be able to do that or find any one to compare since the newer version omits that capability.


haben die Wl, habe auch keine Wll gehört. Laut Kommentaren des Händlers sollte es im Bassbereich etwas packender sein. Aber da es weder USB- noch RCA-Eingänge hat, ist es für mich nicht von Interesse, da ich nicht über WiFi, sondern über USB höre.


I owned the original LS50W and now Mk II for half a year. The new ones sound better, especially in the upper-mid range. The difference is subtle but it’s there.

I don’t need a USB - I use mostly Ethernet (Roon and occasionally AirPlay) and HDMI. One more reason to upgrade for me was the support for wirelessly connected subwoofer.

I can’t say you have to certainly upgrade to Mk II. The originals sound so good!