Originally Relased and Date Released show dates very close to each other / dont make sense

I am coming across many occasions where the release and original release dates dont make sense. An album is not being relased in Sep 2018, just to be re-released again in Oct 2018…

This happens particularly frequently with albums form Deutsche Grammophone. I am fixing this now manually to make these dates match but its a paintful excercise and should really be fixed at source. Many thanks vor investigating.

NB: I am having other albums - again primarily with DG - where the two dates are mixed up. Ie i am getting “Originally Released 10 Mar1996”, “Released 1976” when it should obviously be the other way round.

Hi @bbrip,

The date that we have from our provider here is 18 Oct 2019. Is the 4 Nov 2019 date in your file tags?

No,definitely not. I‘ve got loads of such constallations where the release date is a day, a week or a month apart. On Decca as well.
International release date maybe?

Correction: The 4. Nov 2019 is in the file, thats the Importdate! (when I bought the record). But the 8. November, ie that other release date is not in the file.

Hi @bbrip,

Thanks for checking. I’d like to look a bit more closely at this specific example. Would you mind sending that album over to us so we can investigate further?


@dylan Done. Its actually not just Deutsche Grammophon. I am seeing similar stuff on Decca and others. Let me know if you need more screen prints.

Thanks, @bbrip. I’ll get this to our QA team for investigation!


any news on this?

@dylan Any news on this? Its been two months since reporting. The problem is still around.

Hi @bbrip,

I don’t have any specific update I can provide just yet. I checked our internal tracker and I see that this is still with our QA team for investigation. I’ll be sure to follow up when we have more information.


Hi @bbrip — I wanted to follow up and let you know that we discussed this with the development team. Ultimately this issue is stemming from data coming from multiple sources that have different dates. These dates may both be valid, but we agree that it doesn’t make sense in this context to show both. We’ve submitted a ticket to our team to improve this in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!