Originally Released Date - Metadata Preference Not Working

I’m all of a sudden finding it impossible to change the “originally released date” field preference in Roon to reflect data from tags that I’ve generated in JRiver. I’ve always used the field ORIGINALRELEASEDATE in JRiver to accomplish this in the past and it worked perfectly. Now when I try doing this for some albums, Roon refuses to acknowledge the file tags.

For example, I have an album by The Doors titled “Live In Vancouver 1970” released on CD in 2010. I’d like to change the original release date to 1970 so it’s sorted along with other releases from that time. I’m able to change the “released” date using the metadata preference, but not the “originally released date”.

Is this just a bug in the system, or am I doing something wrong? I understand that I can work around this issue by manually editing the date, but for some artists like the Grateful Dead I have several hundreds of releases and it is much easier to batch edit the file tags and then tell Roon to prefer those tags.

Hi @Joseph_Squires,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing in Roon? Can you also include screenshots of your settings in Settings | Library | Import Settings?


Dylan, thanks for your reply. Here are a few screenshots. I do see that my import settings preference is to prefer Roon for both release dates. I’m willing to change that if needed, but I’d prefer to let Roon handle release dates for most of the artists in my library.

The example below is The Doors - Live In Vancouver 1970. I’ve been trying to change the preference to match my file tags, which use 1970 as the original release date. In the meantime I changed the released date to 1970, just to try that as a workaround. I’ve included a screenshot of my JRiver tags just in case that’s helpful. They have always worked for this purpose in the past.

Just checking to see if my screenshots were helpful at all. Any suggestions? Am I doing something incorrectly?

I’m not sure if this will help diagnose my issue, but this is happening on the “Label” field as well. I tell Roon that my preference for this field is the file, which is tagged using JRiver, but Roon doesn’t recognize it. Here are some screen shots with an example. I’ve tagged the record label as “577 Records” but Roon still sees it as the incorrect value.

I know the tagging function is working in JRiver, because the artist tags are recognized immediately.


1970 isn’t a date – try ORIGINALYEAR instead (or provide a date).

IDK – maybe you forgot to save? Anyway, try to use the Edit (Artist|Album|Track|...) tab for single edits because you can see the available value(s) and the outcome of your edit(s). See your own example about ORIGINALRELEASEDATE.

Thanks for the suggestions. I might end up just manually editing everything within Roon rather than through JRiver moving forward. I’ve just found it easier in the past to make mass edits to file tags in another program and then have Roon prefer that data. No big deal in the end.

When it comes to the date of release, I’d be surprised if Roon required a specific date. It’s always worked for me to enter a year. In fact, most of their own metadata just uses a year rather than a date.