OS recommendations please

This week I’m expecting to receive an Intel NUC I ordered from QuietPC. It’s an i7 8559U in Plato X8 case. I’d like to run Roon Core and Plex server on a Linux OS.

I’ve been reading about Audio-Linux, AP-Linux, Snakeoil and Ubuntu 18. Must admit I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Does anyone have a recommendation on the Linux version I should use?


What DAC do you have?

Oppo 105D connected via usb.

I can recommend Euphony Drive. Easy to handle and good sq. But only for USB connection to DAC.
Best Ulrich


/10 char

I’m enjoying a nice beer after cutting the grass so I wish to add the alcohol disclaimer.
Without doing too much research it appears to me that only Ubuntu has drivers for your DAC.
You might want to do your own research but that seems like one of the most important factors in choosing which flavor on Linux to use.
I’m prolly going to make no friends with my next statement but the distributions like Euphony and SnakeOil seem like uhh snakeoil to me… Good quiet (electrical) hardware seems more important than the Linux distribution since anyone who can google can turn off non-essential services.

Thank you, hugely helpful for a Linux noob like me.
The driver thing hadn’t even occurred to me!


As you should know, the operating system has an influence on sound quality, every os sounds different.
Like every oil tastes different.
Best Ulrich

This takes first prize as the most ridiculous claim ever made on these forums.


„By taking control on your computer’s audio flow, Audirvana prevents other applications from interfering during listening and from making hidden changes to audio samples. It reduces CPU activity and stabilizes power supply to minimize digital distortion and possible radio frequency interference. Finally, it optimizes the operation of your system’s digital-to-analog converter – whether integrated or external – by providing it with an adapted and pre-decoded digital stream.“

From audirvana.com