OS update on Nucleus +

I am being prompted to install a newer OS on my Nucleus +. I recently installed the unit. It came with OS version 1.0 (build 175). The new version being prompted to get installed is build 183. Should I be concerned with any end user impact (iPad remote) or is this a minor update as far as end user use goes?

Thank you for the quick replay Carl.

Am I correct in thinking that my iPads with version 1.6 (build 438) will continue to connect and operate as before since we are upgrading the OS and keeping the Roon Core version on the Nucleus + at 1.6 (build 416)?

All the latest versions of Roon interoperate without issue.

I’m not sure why you are saying this as previously you said …

When you update Nucleus’ OS the Roon Core will update to B183.

All will be well, go for it … but as always with or with an pending upgrade you should make sure you a recent Roon DB backup or 2 or 3 or … more.

(It maybe a bit of an overkill but I have my system to create one every day and I retain at least a months worth).

Hi @Fritz_Rey,

There are no issues you should be concerned with regarding the update — The only change is that Apple SuperDrives are now supported for CD Ripping.

Thank you all

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