OS X Based Audio Conversion Tools (WAV -> AIFF, FLAC)

Hi All,

I have just started using Roon, and need to convert my WAV files so that I can embed some audio meta data to have Roon properly utilize them in the library.

I am looking for recommendations on both approach, and more importantly high quality audio converters.

Regarding approach, I can deal with the space of WAVs, but I need to be able to insert metadata to fully utilize Roon. Does anyone have any words of wisdom when choosing AIFF vs WAV specific to Roon? FYI my files are mostly 16bit 96khz WAV files ripped from Vinyl.

Converter Features I’d Like:

  • Handle conversation between the 3 main formats mentioned, WAV, AIFF, FLAC
  • Support batch processing of files
  • Provide control of bit depth and sample rate to match source files (preferably do some type of auto-detect)

Apologies if this is a dupe thread, but I did some digging and couldn’t find what I was looking for.


XLD or dBpoweramp.

Dbpoweramp has been around for a long time and does a great job.

dBpoweramp works well for ripping and file conversions. You asked about aiff files, all of the files I use with Roon are aiff except my SACD rips which are .dsf files. No problems with either one.

I use XLD and convert to ALAC so files work in Roon and iTunes…

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I’d suggest Media Human’s Audio Converter. It’s free, has plenty of options, and does a great job.

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I’m using JRiver Media Center 24; works fine - but I already have a license for this and it is already installed on my computer. Might not be worth the money just for converting files.

I recommend converting to FLAC; which even works on iPhone and iPad :slight_smile:

db Poweramp is a good and reliable workhorse for rippimg and converting. For metadata edits I prefer to use Yate.

Thanks for all the tips everyone! I’m currently trying out a dBpoweramp and Yate combo.

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XLD may not have the most polished interface, but it’s an awesomely powerful app that’ll likely do everything you want.

You should try both XLD and xAct.

With vinyl, you might want to try sending the files through MusicBrainz Piccard - when it works, it’ll help Roon A LOT. Do it one album at a time, though, getting it out of the ditch if it starts messing up can take a bit of work.

MediaHuman’s Audio Converter is really a simple and great tool. I fully second that. Simple and converts batches of files. Then for tagging on the Mac I use Metadatics. Unfortunately, Mp3tag is only available for Win, but Metadatics does all you need.