OSMC remote control broken on 2 setups

8c4faecf3d1c4fbd and 86ea6139f3c3235b

both stopped responding to remote commands - tried removing the extension autos in roon and reenable but no good. restarting ropieee zones also no help. no other changes zone names etc all consistent.

noticed this a few beta versions ago I think but didnt have time to test troubleshoot much till now.

Thanks Harry @spockfish

@spockfish Harry had a chance to look at this yet…the mrs uses the OSMC remote when taking calls in the office to turn things down or pause. She is bugging me why doesn’t it work now :weary:

Maybe flash stable and setup OSMC from scratch…

Unfortunately flashing them means a full disassemble as they have cases with displays so the as card is not easy to get at.

I think it’s only stopped after the 4.xxx updates under 3.xxx things were still working.

Can you reboot the unit, wait for like 2 minutes, press the remote a few times and then send me a new feedback?

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@spockfish ok here it is 49d094b0ee3c82e6

I did few up/down volumes and play/stop buttons… cant recall if stop works tho now.

Ok thanks. I can reproduce it. Working on a fix.

@wizardofoz can you try the new beta? that should solve it.

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Perfectamundo Harry…you are a star as always. Happy wife happy life :grimacing:

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