Output From Nucleus

Does the Nucleus output from both HDMI and USB at the same time? I think it probably does, but don’t know.

I just purchased a USB headphone DAC that I was going to plug into my Raspberry Pi 4 but I’m rethinking that. I might rather plug the DAC into my Nucleus USB and then RCA out from the DAC to Sennheiser headphones.

Also, would the DAC need to be Roon ready to work plugged into the Nucleus USB or would it just work regardless?

Any audio device recognized by the OS will be recognized by Roon, from Built-in Sound to PCI Soundcards to USB DACs. You might check out this thread if you want additional information.

Thanks for your response. I guess when my new (used) DAC arrives, I’ll try it both ways. First is plugged into a Raspberry Pi 4 and using Sony headphones. The other is plugged into my Nucleus and using Sennheiser headphones. It’s just a question of do I want two headphones with 24/192 (one with MQA) or do I want two headphones with MQA (one with 24/192)? If I plug into the Raspberry Pi 4, I can retire my Dragonfly Cobalt except for travel (24/96, MQA).

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