Outside audio sources

Has anyone tried getting live, local audio sources to stream to other speakers via Roon? I know this is a bit outside the initial design, but we listen to a lot of live stuff that isn’t going to be in a library, and a hack like this would make Roon a more universal audio transport tool.

Maybe you should have a look at Entry Points Roon extension.

Cool! Thank you. I’ll check it out.

I use a Pi running LMS feeding in to entrypoints as a live radio stream. That gives me Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube audio, Mixcloud, Sprocket (podcasts) etc… Works well, if a bit of a faff…

How do you connect LMS to entrypoints?

I run LMS on a separate RPi using Picoreplayer as server and player. Then a USB to SPDIF optical adapter… Running entrypoints on another Pi with a SDPIF optical to USB adapter as input… As I say, it’s a bit of an untidy solution, but works.
I think it’s possible to run Picoreplayer and entrypoints on the same Pi using an ALSA loopback, but I wanted my LMS on a separate network for VPN reasons.