Outstanding Feature Requests #3

It is with Roon. They know Android converts the bitrate, and they know it’s possible like USPP to make bitperfect possible on Android. Come on, we’re talking about Roon! Implement something like USPP (and there are many other apps that offer bitperfect playback) and all Android users are happy.

I’ll bet your device reports its capabilities incorrectly.

Great work on compiling these lists. I threw in a few votes But, I didn’t see my feature request: single click add to library from versions. I click it, but the album doesn’t appear in my library. I have to bring up the actual album and click add to library from the album’s main screen. Minor, but when going through a huge collection it gets to be frustrating.

I just tried adding to library from versions and it worked for me.

This seems to happen when I select the 16 bit version when there are MQA versions presented first.

Funnily enough that’s what I added. I would add a support thread and get the roon guys to have a look. :slight_smile:

My biggest gripe with Roon is volume control From phone or tablet remotes. I just hate having to take all the steps just to expose the controls and then having to tap those tiny silly little + or - signs. If hardware buttons are not possible (highly doubt it) at least there should be a large slider or another more useable solution… there are a thousand ways this could be better, but not many ways it could be worse. Maybe I am special or missing something otherwise I can’t explain why this is not at least in the list, if not on top…

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I use the slider on my android phone rather than the plus and minus. The volume control seems to buy some and not others.

The slider is tiny as well and is as hard to get to as the buttons…

Mods can’t change polls after 5 mins either. Did Boolean Searches get a guernsey ?

More Streaming Services Would be Great to. Few good streamers out there. That are not just pay Streamers Hearthis. Soundcloud Mixcloud. AmazonHD is pay but that would be great for us Amazon users

Personally I’m glad that as 1.7 demonstrates Roon has a vision and roadmap that is more than just responding to all the feature requests they get. If they just did that I think we would end up with a real Frankenstein.


Yes, unfortunately I missed a couple, including Boolean search.

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Only 125 voters at the moment, so less than 0.1% of the user base. Album liner notes just pipping peace on earth to the top!

Single zone support for VST plugins please !

Ability to add track within albums to queue. Most places don’t allow that while browsing within albums

Can expand on that a bit?

I checked off only the last two. The last is the only thing I really, passionately, would love to see. I don’t know if editing tags directly in Roon is what I want, but some easy way of fixing things when Roon’s reading of my collection goes horribly wrong. Truthfully I haven’t spent much time so far studying on what to do in those events, and just go for the original CD (when available) instead.

Glad to hear 125 is less than 0.1% of your user base.