Outstanding Feature Requests #3

Aggregated from the many threads, too many for one poll, and in no particular order. Hopefully I got them all, vote away! Credit goes to @ged_hickman1 for the idea. There are 3 lists, see also:

  • Similar Tracks – Vālence-powered
  • Discogs metadata integration
  • Include album liner notes
  • Artist discography
  • URL tags for artists
  • Multiple libraries
  • Dirac integration
  • Customisable font/size
  • Import/export playlists
  • Speedier search results
  • iPad Portrait mode
  • Vertical scrolling
  • Roon user submitted reviews
  • Tag/Metadata editing
  • Peace on earth

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Good work @mikeb! I trust that it was the following thread that prompted your work:

I just hope that all the interested users vote on these and that the team will take a look at it!

By the way, iPad already does portrait mode - at least my iPad Pro does.

You should enable users to be able to change their votes if there’s an option to do so - so many options users may reconsider priorities or add things they overlooked.

I went looking for this (2&3 are anonymous by mistake) but I’m unable to edit after 5 mins have elapsed. If a mod can edit these I’d appreciate it.

[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=15 public=true]

iPad Pro 10.5" here and… it definitely does not :no_mouth:

Perhaps it is just the 12.9 inch one that does.

What about Roon Mobile?

There are 3 lists, Roon mobile is on Outstanding Feature Requests #1

See also Outstanding Feature Requests #2

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Got it! Thanks!

Voted on the other two poles.

Hopefully no one will hack these polls but that’s hard to be sure of since Roon is located in the USA. :worried:

Just hide the results and you’re able to vote again.

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I suppose you don’t have an android phone or tablet?
Playing bitperfect (just as simple as uspp does) should be prioritized and on top of every Feature request list.
It’s a shame Roon neglect android-users for so long now!

I think less wasted screen space and better navigation was missed. To me the UI needs a major overhaul, not just a few new color bars or more things to click and confuse. Funnel and search on every page!

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Yes, thats 2 I missed (with bit perfect on android). I can’t edit an active poll, but I can add a new one - I’ll wait incase there are anymore I’ve missed so thats its longer than 2 items :slight_smile:

I see you picked up on peace on earth but the others in my top ten weren’t picked up - brainwave control etc.

Went thru the entire list. Didn’t check any. Guess I’m pretty satisfied.

Sync playlists to mobile device is not on the list. Maybe that will be part of the mobile feature, but I fear that feature will be a kludge.

The only other thing I want is better organization of the now playing screen, or better yet a way to customize it.

Got it, next list: Brainwave Control :rofl:

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Any chance of including this one?

I think the implication is ALL iPads that are able to run roon…not just the 12"+ ones.

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Yes, something like that would have been clearer.

I think that your issue is not with Roon, which does deliver bit perfect playback to most endpoints, but with the various endpoints that do not offer bit perfect playback. For example when Roon is streaming to an endpoint that does not support the format of the file being played then Roon will modify the stream so that it can be played by that endpoint. So streaming to a 96kHz file to a Chromecast endpoint will result in Roon converting the stream to 48kHz so that the Chromecast can play the file.

By the way this is not just limited to android phones,using an iPhone as a Roon endpoint also results in format conversions.