Outstanding Feature Requests #2

Aggregated from the many threads, too many for one poll, and in no particular order. Hopefully I got them all, vote away! Credit goes to @ged_hickman1 for the idea. There are 3 lists, see also:

  • Roon profiles: admin/user roles
  • Ability to zoom in on artwork
  • Better album art handling
  • Native handling of pdf files
  • Ability to display text files
  • User submitted reviews
  • Bandcamp support
  • SACD ISO support
  • Roon Rock support for SMB2/3
  • Video output for Rock/Nucleus HDMI
  • Ability to add notes to an album or track
  • More themes (beyond light and dark)
  • Custom display options when casting
  • Enable AppleTV as display
  • By track or by album DSP settings

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