A New Round of Feature Requests?

My guess is that just about every feature that can be requested has been requested (excepting new event features such as Amazon HQ streaming). Some requests have been hanging out there for years.

My question is: how should users behave now? Is anything to be gained by repeating a request? Should we collectively start anew and assume that nothing has been either submitted nor rejected?

I could be projecting, but I sense that requesting features is becoming futile to users when no feedback is forthcoming.


I can see additional feature requests…someone may come up with a great fresh idea…

Charles Duell reincarnate!

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Wow, had to look that one up. I just see a certain repetitive nature in what people are after.

Every time there is a new major release of Roon, there are a few new “feature request” or “wishlist” threads. There are a number of these requests that have been around for years (mine included). It would indeed be nice to have an idea if and when these might be included. There was, however, a thread on whether Roon should share the blueprint for their future plans. The slight consensus was no (my vote was for yes), and I think that this is the view of the Roon team also. The Roon staff used to be fairly active in contributing to threads and answering particular queries though I’ve seen that less over the last couple of years.

Whenever there is one of those new feature request threads, I feel compelled to contribute lest my requests are forgotten or swamped. I don’t know if the Roon staff find those kind of threads helpful. Some kind of system where feature requests can be systematically organised, voted on by users and commented on by the Roon team would seem best; perhaps something similar to Bitbucket. It would certainly seem better than the ad-hoc random lists of requests that we have currently.

Put them in order
Vote on them
Create a super list
All been mooted over time but have received lukewarm, at best, reception from the roon team.
There have been fairly consistent direction of travel and roadmap inclusion statements especially from the COO but they have pretty conclusively stated they won’t share “The Roadmap”.
They do read the feature requests but don’t often comment. Most roon commentary seems to follow a major release where, obviously, they are paying close attention to the forum.

Looks like @mikeb has gone ahead and taken this forward. Good work Mike! I trust that you managed to dig out all the feature requests from the myriad threads?

I tried, there are 45 requests listed in 3 polls. Some were similar or already covered. I didn’t manage to order them as I’ve no idea what each entails.

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