Overview without large Profile bar

I would love to see an option which removes the Profile bar at the top of the Overview page. I don’t use profiles and have not use for them. It takes a lot of room I don’t use.


Agreed, does waste a lot of real estate, even if you were using profiles (which we all indirectly are).

Have to agree with this too. Profile could simply be the user pic and user name shrunk and blended into the toolbar area.
I’d have a whole extra row of Just Added covers in the overview page on the iPad Air which would be very cool.

+1 for this in terms of reducing the depth of the profile bar at the top of ther overvie wpage, but I would still wan t to know which profile I am in.

Absolutely ! The option to remove/collapse it should be there. I’d also like to have that option for the featured composer part…

Agree on the featured composer - woul dlike to be able to collapse it or disable it.