Parametric EQ on Roon ARC [on roadmap]

Wondering if there are any plans to include the fantastic parametric EQ in the Roon ARC app

Hi Jeremiah,

Roon did say that DSP and presumabley EQ would be coming in a future release. Hopefully, in the next year, but, they gave no timeline or hint.


I was wondering the same. The upgrade went flawlessly for me, but without EQ I wont be using Arc so have deleted it. A great development for which Roon should be applauded - I’m sure I will use it in time, but not in it’s current form.

Would be a nice Xmas present to their user base! :crossed_fingers:t2:it can happen sooner rather than later.

would also love this!

I’m so glad to hear that this is in the works. I’ve been editing in harman, neutral and custom presets for each of my usual IEMs, and it will be much more useful for while I’m away from the ROCK.

I just wanted to also point out that this is particularly important for us iPhone users–stuck in the Apple ecosystem without a viable eq solution (that I know of).

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It is a must-have for me as well. I love Roon for its DSP and I am staying with VPN till ARC offers PEQ.

I’m kind of surprised the EQ is not already there in ARC, it is a key differentiating feature of Roon, at least for me. My car has some resonances l’d like to notch out but the built-in EQ is not up to it, and I’ve gotten so used to the headphone EQ at home (via Roon) that I don’t like using them without it. So Roon would solving my top 2 audio issues by including EQ in ARC. Note that I would be OK programming the EQ at home over WiFi using the non-ARC settings screens, the ARC EQ could just be presets, I don’t need or want to adjust EQ details via ARC.

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Hey guys, any updates on this?

I was just about to create a new thread but found this one through a quick search.

@danny just wondering if this is something in development.

For my own personal (selfish needs😜) I’m soon to be going on a 3 week family holiday to see Mickey Mouse and his friends and will be taking my headphones with me for my daily therapy sessions when the kids are in bed at night.

I’ve finally tweaked my PEQ on my core to suit my preference, but having a local PEQ on my phone (iPhone 14 plus) within Arc would be the :cherries: on the cake for me.



yes, it is.


Thank you sir.