Parametric EQ on Roon Server running on Linux


Not been able to find an answer for this.

I’m planning to run Roon Server on Ubuntu 18.04 or Arch Linux and the Roon Remote on Android.

How do I configure the parametric EQ from that setup? I guess you can’t access it from the Roon remote (or am I wrong)?

Or is the parametric EQ only available on the “all in one” apps for Windows/Mac?


You can get just remote for Windows and Mac which it will work on. It may work on iPad too but can’t confirm don’t have one.

Works fine on Android tablets so presume it would on an iPad too. It’s just not available on small screens (generally phones) like the rest of the DSP adjustments.

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Alright - thanks guys!

Just any fyi of something I learned from another post from someone on this Roon Community … if you startup Roon Remote on your Android phone, then go edit the Developer Options (assuming you enable it already) and by whatever name the phone may have, set the effective resolution to 600 or higher, it puts your phone into ‘Tablet Mode’. Everything gets smaller, including the keyboard. But when you return to Roon, it should render in landscape mode only, with the full Remote UI (does not seem to work if you restart the app when first and already at a higher effective rez; need to go from say 450 to the 611 or 640). And if you click the volume popup you will see the ‘DSP’ option. Clicking it, you see the full DSP panel popup.

Of course it is unlikely you want to keep your Android phone in this mode. And it is a pita to keep going back and forth. But – other than running Roon Core on Windows and use Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android on the phone and RDP to your Core and edit the DSP that way; which is what I do – the above I believe would be your best option to edit DSP from your phone with Core running on Linux.

Wish i knew more about X server. Seems that should be an option too.

Yes, good hint, doesn’t work on all phones though. Any Mac, PC, iOS or Android tablet connected to the network can be used for configure DSP on any of the endpoints.